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DMF problems on newer models

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I'm thinking of buying a MK3 TDCI and am aware of the Dual Mass Flywheel problem. My question is did Ford eventually get it right and is there a certain model year that is seen as ok and will not have problems.


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dont think they did. they seem to go around 70,000 to 80,000 from what iv picked up.

Be best looking for a really low milage or a slightyl higher thats had it replaced already.
I've also seen plenty with 130k plus on the clock & still on the original DMF & clutch, a lot depends upon the use it's had. Mine had done 83k miles in 3 years when I bought it and the DMF is still fine at 90k.

Ford seem to have used the same DMF & clutch throughout production, I know the injectors have changed over the years although there's no evidence any one type is better than another. Only other chage had been the EGR's from non-sensor Euro 3 to sensor Euro 4 and electronically activated Euro 4.

Most popular clutch & DMF replacement seems to be LUK from Euro Car Parts which is the one Ford use.
seems to me they switched to camchains over belts and decided to use DMFs, id rather they hadnt....
Mk4 Mondeo TDCi's are back to cambelts but still heve DMF's.
i wouldn't take much notice of the mileage as far as the DMF is concerned, they can fail at any mileage/age. all depends on how its been driven (rough or smooth). the clutch it naturally snappy which doesn't help
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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