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Hi - may sound a bit silly this - does the 2.0 petrol 56 plate use the dual mass flywheel - i,m becoming increasingly concerned about the things i,ve read and the cost to have it replaced - if mine does have one fitted, then whats the best way to prolong its life?

thanks all

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you will almost certainly have a DMF, wouldn't worry about it to much its the tractors that have most the problems, just drive it normally and dont go mad on the clutch and you will be fine, even if your clutch has gone it doesn't mean you have to replace the DMF on a petrol unless its on its last legs,some have over 160k on the original
My old 2L petrol had 150,000 miles on the original DMF, Towing a caravan several times a year for 4 years no issues.
ok thanks all mines only done around 38000 so should have plenty left.

thanks again

Depends how its been drive, The clutch may have been used more times already than mine was.

Lots of short journeys & stop start in traffic, One of the reasons i bought a bike for work.

1/2 mile moving one or 2 car length's at a time would soon kill the clutch. Doing that twice a day every day.
I'm getting seriously concerned about this - will my AA repair cover this if it goes?- Not just breakdown cover, i've got the one where it covers me for 2,5000 of garage repairs a year too.

a third party warranty is an insurance policy. If your car is damaged by one of the insured risks, they'll pay. Wear and tear is almost always excluded though. you'll need to check the policy wording, but I suspect it wont be covered.
Hi binman - i presume these usually fail due to wear and tear then and not mechanical failure?


I was told, that so long as if your clutch starts to slip and you replace it ASAP. Without driving around with a slipping snatching clutch for days / weeks on end, its quite unlikely your DMF will need replacement.
Cheers mate thats handy to know

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