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Dodgy Handbrake

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The Handbrake On My 05 Plate Mondeo is being as the title suggests. Sometimes It works fine but occasionaly such as yesterday i parked it on my drive and after releasing the footbrake the car rolled about a foot forward. There was also a very loud creaking sound coming from the off side wheel. Does anyone know what is going on. May have nothing to do with it but the handbrake cable on that corner is hanging down due to a broken bracket. Looking For a replacement
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Seized caliper or cable, Pads seriously worn?

Just noticed you have an auto, do you not put it into park?

Lots of auto's get dodgy rear brakes due to lack of use.
Stretched cable? HAd my pads and discs replaced the other weeks and the garage said that my cable had stretched and needed replacing. If I'm at traffic lights and in Drive, pop the handbrake on, sometimes I still creep forward. Have to pull the handbrake right up which is probably just stretching it more.
I put it in N but it rolls with the handbrake on. I don't think the pads are worn seriously because they were replaced recently (20000 miles).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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