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Does DMF problem affect newer models

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I'm thinking of buying a MK3 TDCI and am aware of the Dual Mass Flywheel problem. My question is did Ford eventually get it right and is there a certain model year that is seen as ok and will not have problems.


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This is the MK4 forum where DMF problems are much less than with the Mk3 but still not entirely unknown :eyesup: :tonofbricks:
Thanks for pointing that out mate!
It's on the right site now.

I owned Skoda Octavia Sport 2.0 TDi, and I was member of Octavia forum. My car never had DMF problem, but the forum was full of posts from people with broken DMF. And I'm talking abou VW engine, the same on Golf, Passat, Audi, Jetta etc.
Compared with what I see on this forum, I can say that MK4 has less then 5% of VW DMF problems.
I never had one go on my Mk3 in the 75k that I drove it. I spoke recently to the guy whom bought it from me and he said it finally went at 129k miles. He bought it fully in the knowledge that they can go pop.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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