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does this have powerfolds?

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mk 3 mondeo in scrappy has the blue relay socket underneeth the fuse box, however the mirrors have had the covers smashed.
#Question is it worth aquireing the bits?

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The blue relay is for the headlight washers Tim, the relay for the power fold mirrors are brown, hope this helps
does this meen that the car had xeon headlights then ?
Am thinking of the upgrade..

not always, if it was an ST or other higher spec model then the washers may have been fitted even to standard halogens, the washer system is not just a xenon feature :L
worth it for the washers if you can get them off though ;)

but don't forget that you need the bumper off first

a few screws to remove the washer jets
plus you need to take the pipe off, but don't lose the clips
and the washer bottle and both pumps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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