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Does this sound right.

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Sorry for longwinded comment, but detail important (I think)

2002 MK 3 2L TDCI pre facelift. 51,000 miles.

Symptoms: Rattling engine at idle which disappears when warm.

Suspect dual fly wheel. Quoted by garage: changing it and clutch for 800 euro, (about 700 pounds). While on ramp, noticed wheel play. Ball joints need doing and boots. About 200 euro (150 pounds.)

Do these symptoms and problems tie in with this car with 51K miles on it? Think mileage is genuine, nothing else wrong with it. Previous owner did a bit of caravan towing.

Any comments welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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The DMF with towing could easily be. Not sure about the ball joints though. Might be worth shopping around for teh DMF. There seems to be plenty of variation is quotes on here.
Although the car has only done 51,000 miles it is 8 years old now and it's not unreasonable that the ball joint boots need replacement, if these have been going for a while it could have let water into the ball joint and caused these to fail. Quite a few items on cars seem to have a service life measured in time, not mileage, especially rubber components - boots, bushes etc.
With regards to the DMF it's just like with the clutch it's all about how the car was driven by the previous owner - I bet if you drove the car really badly you could kill one in 20k. Stop starts, labouring the engine with low down revs and rapid increases in torque while driving will hurt the DMF.
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