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Done the DMF... Now the starters gone!

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Having completed the replacement of my dmf and clutch etc 2 weeks ago, was out with car and trailer last night, and now it appears the starters gone. One minute it worked (though I thought it made a strange noise), now it doesnt. It was like the battery was flat, although there was no difference with the booster cables. Push started it, and everthing worked well. Then, through habbit, I stopped the engine when I got out of the car. Tried to bump it again, and only ran at about 500rpm, and wouldnt respond to the accelerator etc then it stopped. Rang the recover, who bump started it and followed me home.

It still turns over slowly but only what seems like half a turn - then the leads to the starter get hot and I daren't try anymore!

I have got a replacement starter for the car, as im assuming thats whats gone - my question is, has anyone any tips for replacement as it looks like a right pig to get at!

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i think yours should be the same as mine i have the mk3 tddi and found best way to get at my starter motor is to remove battery + plastic tray then start by taking off the air inlet that will give you room to remove the radator fans then you will have plenty of room to remove leads off starter then remove the starter its self sounds like alot of work but i found it the best way
regards matty
i just removed the fan on the radiator gave me enough space to remove and refit you will probably find you could clean the old starter and use it again mate or clean and keep it as a spare
The old motor is burnt out I think - probably due to the metal dust from the old flywheel - tried it once I got it out and it is dead, just makes horrible smells and gets hot. New one is on and working a treat (and its really quiet compared to the old one!)... The trick of removing the radiator fan is excellent, very easy and improves access no end. I also removed both headlights and battery to make the job easy. Took about an hour to complete - ford manual shows a completely different way!

Funny actually, its taken me longer to change 6 spark plugs in a rover zs 2.5 v6 than it did to to the starter on me mondy lol...
glad it sorted bud
I am getting my DMF sorted this week and my starter is also playing up, will start occasionally but mostly makes a high pitch squeal or a clicking sound. Some have said you can clean the starter and it should be fine, how would go about cleaning it?

Cheers in advance
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