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Evening guys 馃檪

So a couple weeks ago my passenger door locked and then decided it would never open again, the lock button is in the lock position and cant open it at all.

I ran a scan and it then came up with fault code 9A98 - Unknown Fault Code (image attached)

Trying to find this fault code seems to be impossible, without wasting money what are the chance of it just being the module that needs replacing? And any tips on how to access it with the door shut?

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Try an OBDII dongle with Forscan and see if that comes up with the same code.

Maybe someone local to you with one if you dont want to buy one just to test one code.

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Managed to run a scan with FORScan which I had somewhere in the house so that's a winner and I get the below DTC.

Code: U0452 - Invalid Data Received From Restraints Control Module

Additional Fault Symptom:
- Signal Compare Failure

- Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request
- Malfunction Indicator Lamp is Off for this DTC

Module: Body Control Module

Freeze Frame :
-GLOBTIM: 117244231 s - Global real time
-TOTDIST: 232345.0 km - Total Distance
-MAINECUV: 7.25 V - Main ECU voltage supply
-ESTSERUN: No - Engine status - engine running
-ESTSECRK: No - Engine status - engine in crank

U0452 FORD code possible causes
  • Faulty Restraints Control Module
  • Restraints Control Module harness is open or shorted
  • Restraints Control Module circuit poor electrical connection

Not going to lie I have no idea what this means, when I look at the code and what it could be im still none the wisest, is the door module fried and causing this issue or is it a bigger issue.

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Airbag or Seatbelt issue, probably not related to the door lock?

Try operating the lock at the same time as using the unlock button on the remote. Lock/unlock
the doors from the drivers door whilst attempting to open the door also.

If that fails your going to have to remove the door card and check the wiring inside the door. You may
have to get brutal with the removal though.
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