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Door won't open with outside handle

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Forgot about this thread until today when I replaced a central locking motor on the other rear door so I took a look at this. The rod was still attached and everything nice and tight.

Since I started this thread I found a way of opening it by lifting the handle and then pulling upwards slightly before opening the door. I have a feeling the door as actually sagged so not sure what I can do about that?
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new door pins in the hinges should cure your saggy door m8
4bdemon said:
new door pins in the hinges should cure your saggy door m8
Any more info on this mate, how are they changed and where can I get them from, ford only part? Thanks :L
i would think they are ford only yes.

you need two for each door.

basically, you remove the little circlip with needlenose pliers and then with a hammer and drift, tap the old pins out and fit the new ones. you may require someone ese to hold the door for you whilst you do it.

very easy. 10 minute job.

just for the record, if you loose the little clip on the door handle connecting rod then a cable tie works just as well.

Cheers mate I will take a look and ask Fords for a price...if they want silly money I'll leave it for now :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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