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Down Gearing Noise/Starter Motor Noise & Then No Wheel Power

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Has anyone got a clue what is causing this but as I now have no wheel power the AA are coming to the rescue. A brief local history:


An unusual sound was heard from the car when bringing in the clutch while down gearing from 4-3 and 3-2 gear (also occurs when the clutch pedal is just pressed and then brought in when travelling, but doesn’t appear to happen if the rev’s are constant or increased before bringing in the clutch). This didn't happen when bringing in the clutch when moving up through the gears.


Whether it’s related to item,“1” above but the starter motor failed about 6 weeks ago and a new one installed. I have experienced 7 intermittent starting problems with the new starter motor emitting a horrible noise without cranking the engine over the last week(this can usually be overcome by putting the car in first gear, pushing the car a few inches and then starting again).


This morning item “2” occurred seven times and I experienced a wobble in the clutch when releasing the clutch pedal. While driving home the clutch changed the gears but there was very little power to the wheels despite the revs (I've got it booked in with a garage for Monday).

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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sounds like your clutch has gone and the dual mass flywheel will probably be knackered aswell. reason the starter will be knackered is because of the crap coming from the clutch and dmf and getting stuck in the starter. you'll be looking at somewhere around £800 bill to fix.

Classic symptoms of DMF / clutch failure.

Need new clutch, flywheel and slave cylinder
Many thanks for all of your guidance - The AA mentioned the same, so it's now in the Ford garage
and I'm waiting for a horrible bill.
Oh dear why did you take it to the Dealer? Now you're bill will be pushing 50% more than if you took it to a proper garage or even the Mr. Clutch chain.
Go to a dedicated transmission gargage - they'll do a better job and be cheaper. Just had mine done last week for £675.
Sounds defo like your DMF on its way. Did you starter sound like the noise you get when turning the key when the engine's already running?
With hindsight you are absolutely right, avoid
Ford Dealerships. With that said there's no Mr Clutch chain or other transmission specialist in Cheltenham. I've also had a few bad experiences of local garages in the past so a Ford Dealer seemed to make sense - not when I've got a £1,250 bill though !!! (I'll plead temporary insanity - I'm sure I'll recover with time).

Others with a similar problem please learn from my experience and follow the excellent advice given from others on this forum.
Ive been told "Transit parts dudley" can do the job on a Tdci transit for £450 inc vat+fitting with a DMF

yet to be confirmed

is there a solid flywheel for the Tdci?
I had exact same problem only last month. starter motor went, needed replaced and then same problem only few weeks later. Only i dared to replace the dmf with solid flywheel and clutch
conversion kit. very few people do it, i got mine in europarts made by a company called LUK. I am not overly convinced i did the right thing, the car feels different to me now, really dont know if i would recommend it or not. make sure though if you do decide to change to inform them of bhp and number of gears etc, many different types.
mine was 130 bhp 6 speed box. cost was around 400 pounds with 200 pound mechanics bill. but he broke the abs sensor taking of the drive shaft so i am not a happy bunny at present, anyone want to but a car, lol.
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