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Got the lazy old Mondy out on to the strip. The track was perfect for racing towards late afternoon and dropped off after nightfall. My first run was a shocker. Missed 2nd gear (had to have 2 goes at it) and did a 16.5 ET. Second run was worse as I had wheelspin for the first 50 yards or so and ran a 16.8 ET. Once I figured out my launch technique and stuck the shifts I was running sweet. My fastest was a 16.2 but I was running a solid 16.3 for the rest of the night until my last run against our old rivals at the HSV owners club, which was another 16.5 so not sure what happened there.

My burnouts weren't half bad either. Better than some of the other higher powered machines. Also ran into the guy who did our headlights. He was doing 14s all night long in his blue R34 Skyline.

Was a hell of a lot quieter than opening night. I managed to get about 5 qualifying runs in, one heat race (pipped at the post by some old coupe hot rod thing) and a couple of grudge matches in as well.
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