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Drive shaft bearing slight rattle

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After having a look underneath my car at the weekend, I discovered that the driveshaft bearing on the drivers side shaft is a bit rattly and has a slight bit of play in it. Is this something I should worry about?

It's not massive movement, but when pulling on the middle inner CV joint in a front to back motion, Front of the car to the back motion....the shaft can be heard clicking slightly in it's housing.

I also noticed that the gearbox is leaking oil from the passenger side drive shaft this something that can be replaced easily?

i know on my old Citroen that i managed to replace the same oil seal without to much issue which stopped the exact same leak.
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Is anyone able to advise me if I should be concerned by this slight play/rattle on the intermediate bearing on the off side drive shaft?

Also is the near side gearbox drive shaft oil seal easy enough to change? i.e just prise it out and put a new one in?
Nuneatonrob you will probably find the "play" in the driveshaft is normal, after all it is only locked in by a circlip and has to have slight play as it moves slightly with the wheel going up and down....can't say for definate but it can be moved in any direction up to 45 degrees when wheels off.

Not to sure about the gearbox problem, but if in doubt get a mech to check it out.
Thanks for the info!!
There should be minimal play in the half shaft bearing, but if your in doubt, replace it. It will get worse and cause shaft vibration at higher speeds that will put strain on the shaft, gearbox seal and the diff.

There are different part numbers for diff' models but all retail about £70

As for the passenger side leak, this is probably the gearbox casing seal, which will need investigating. Replacement is only possible by removing the driveshaft. Separate the lower wishbone from the hub, the track rod end from the hub, the brake caliper and the anti roll bar (remove the driveshaft nut before starting though). There should then be enough play in the front suspension to remove the shaft from the gearbox to replace the seal.
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