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Driver side button for front passenger electric window isn't working

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Hey peeps this is my first post on ere so bear with me thanks.

ok, just the other day I bought a ford mondeo (W Reg) and at the drivers side there are two buttons for the front electric windows (only ones in car as rear are manual), the button for the drivers window works fine but the button for the passengers window doesn't work altho it still lights up at night, however im guessing its not a problem with the motor as the switch for the window that is located at the passenger side is working fine, any ideas ? and is it an easy fix ?


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hi it could either be the switch itself which just means fitting another switch or it coulkd be a wire between the switch and the passenger side door is broken which would mean having to find where the break in the wire is and repairing it or replacing it

Easy job ? would I have to take off door panels etc... ?

to do the switch unit you will not have to remove the door card but you may have to remove it to trace the wires if iys not the switch at fault
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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