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I recently purchased a 2017 Fiesta ST.

The drivers door mirror does not work at all. It does not fold, adjust, heat the mirror, no indicator or puddle light.

I intially thought it was the switch, so tried a second hand one but it didnt help.

I sourced a second hand mirror to try but the connector wouldnt fit, there was no puddle light in the second hand mirror. I didnt realise until I tried it

I sourced a second hand door control module but it doesnt do anything

Its not the DCM fuse either.. Forscan is reading DTCs for all the functions of the mirror in the DCM.

I connected a multimeter to some of the wires and there is 12v going to the four wires that control the mirror adjust motors, so the switch is working properly.

The chances of the 3 motors, heated mirror, indicator and puddle light all breaking at the same time are less than slim

Can anyone suggest anything ?
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