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Drum rear brakes Mondeo Mk1/Mk2

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Hi guys,
I am writing from Slovenia.
Unfortunately here are not so many mondeos as in UK - consequently less informations is avaliable, so I am posting this questions on this forum, which is really superb.

I have mondeo Mk2 1997 (4 door) and its rear drum brakes must be replaced. I have question: does anyone know for sure, if mondeo MK1 has similar rear drum breaks as mondeo MK2?

You will help me a lot with your answers, however there is much more mondeos MK1 on scrapyards than Mk2 variants...

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as far as im aware they are the same but the best way to find out is to measure the size of the drum to make sure they are the same
there are various sizes on mk2's,they are not all the same :L
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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