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Dull diesel-ish knocking noise at idle!

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Hi chaps and lasses!

Some daft bugger wrote off my pristine MK2 verona recently so i have just bought a 2001 MK3 Ghia X and its done 105k, which I am told is nothing for these engines.
I have had all the break done and a full serice plus all the drop link and "D" bushes replaced.
My issue is 2 noises that are driving me mad at the moment.

The first is: At idle one warm especially, there is a diesel sounding knocking, if i increase the revs to 1500rpm or more it sounds faily smooth, my concern is that it is either 1. the release bearing in the clutch, 2. its the flap things in the manifold or, 3. something else.

When driving the car feels smoothish, although there is a slight vibration all the time, only slight which also leads me to beleive that there could be issues with the dual mass flywheel?

my second minor thing is:

near my left knee, there is some little slits, which i think is an internal sensor for the climate control, this rattles or buzzes untill i tap it then it goes for a second then start again is this normal?.

Thanks for any help..

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ok mookshoe commenting on the engine issue only as the other is not in my range . it sounds like you are dragging a piston ie for some reason one piston is not firing normally i.e the piston is not getting a spark .is not getting fuel. the cylinder is faulty because of ring damage or faulty valves.and there is an outside chance that it can happen from a faulty head gasket .the reason it sounds a little smoothe when you increase the revs is that the other three cyliinders are driving the engine at such a higher rpm that miss becomes less pronouncecd ie less noticable but is stil therer in esscence or partially there and has begun to fire at higher reves because of better compression or intermittent spark getting thorught .either way your engine needs quick attention as if left as is can result in permanent damage .I would have the cylinders pressure tested immediatly.and the plugs tested or changed out anyway.but the pressure test shuld show up abnormalitys in the firing on the cylinders esp..if performed on running engine by a competent mech,s
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Hi Salta, thanks for the reply.

Just thought i would add a bit more info, as i think ats running fine on all 4 cylinders, here's why i think this, but please tell me if i am wrong.

It has had a full service including plugs, also yesterday morning my local mechanic, who i trust, had it on his snap-on diagnostic machine and the only fault was the thermostat control unit, which would explain the fact that it rev's just a little when i pull upto a stop for example at traffic light...anyway thats another small matter.

When i say that whilst driving it vibrates a bit, it really is only a bit, i have driven my bosses vectra that has been running on 3 cylinders and its nothing like that on my mondeo, his vectra actually shakess on idle, like somebodies rocking the car.
I will possibly have a compression test done in the morning just to be on the safe side, oh and i have checked for signs of head gasket problems ie...milky stuff in the oil filling area and its perfectly clean with no major signs of wear at all.

I hope this sheds a little more light on my problem, as i though it could also be the unit that control the variable valve timing, ford said that they sometimes go faulty.

Anyway thanks again

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What variable valve timing? I assume this is a Duratec HE, then there is no variable valve timing.

See this video to see how the engine is constructed.

This is a Duratec HE i have in my car, i was told by ford's in bolton that the dull knocking sound could be that the variable timing isn't doing what it should be? i guess he not telling me the truth then.

Has anyone any ideas please, before i spend almost a £1000 on a new clutch and DMF and new inlet manifold?


Mine makes a thuddy rattly sound (about 2-4 bumps per second), stops when I press the clutch, worse when cold. Not a sound like a diesel with a knock for every firing.

I have just had a new clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing/slave cylinder (single unit) and it made the sound before and after. I suspect it is just the DMF floating around a bit or thrust bearing a little worn allowing the shaft to flop back and forth. Doesn't really worry me.

Hi All,

I have been down to the ford garage in bolton, and one of the mechanics there thinks that the dull knocking noise could actually be the aux belt tentioner/s could this be plausable, as if they are out, it would explain the very very slight vibration when setting off.


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