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Dust in headlight units

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There is a topic about this problem in Interior section. To start discussion in right section I borrow my own text and update it:

I'm afraid that my original headlight has dust inside it (the other one has already been replaced under warranty because of fogging). You can see a grey layer of dust inside the headlight when looking the headlight from back/side against light.

There is now some grey matter inside the replaced headlight too.

The interesting thing is that the grey layer is not even. There are grey spots on the inside of the headlight unit glass. It looks like humid dust has dried into spots. And the amount of the spots increases.

Please, take a look at your headlight units!

I'm discussing with my local service to get both units replaced under warranty.
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For your information: I got both headlight units replaced under warranty.

The part number of the units has changed at least couple of times during the time Mk4 has been on the market. This info I got when I was at local dealer when they were investigating if the replacement would be possible. I have no idea what are the differences and I have no way to find it out.
thanks for the heads up, Will check my Bi-Xenon's tomorrow :L
My bi-xenons have this problem.

It's in the dealer next Wednesday anyway so i'll get them looked at.

Thanks for letting us know fordever!

Dropped my car into the dealer today to check if they could sort on Wednesday.

Guess what. According to Furrows Ford hey are classed as trim and they won't do it.

Spoke to my fleet company and they are taking it up with Ford.
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