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So as the title suggest, I have spent some time on the DVLA website and enjoyed looking at the current status of my previous cars.
I noticed that my Dad's '69 mini he had back in the seventies is still on the road ( much to his surprise), so too is my '79 and '84 mini.

Give it a go!!


What was also interesting was when i Googled the registration of my old ST200 mondeo. I purchased it from an independent dealer in Ringwood, Hampshire .... Bickerly Garage. It was sold with a brand new MOT, No advisories and was presented as a very tidy car.
After a few days of owning the car i decided i wanted to change the wheel colour to white and jacked the car up. To my horror, the jack just kept going and going and going into the sill. Upon inspection the underside of the car had sever rust, far more than any legit MOT tester would allow. I immediately went back to the garage and asked what they were planning to do about it and their response .... nothing!!

The long and short of it .... After a few emails and a visit to by my local VOSA guy, the car had a MOT fail sheet as long as your arm including engine emissions way out of range, even more rust and tonnes of bushes and joints at fault. The garage refunded me the entire cost of the car and the added price of my recently taken insurance policy and 6 months later, lost their MOT licence.

It was interesting to see what finally happened to my ST200 and i'm glad that it never made its way onto the road again as a complete car and rather, was broken for spares to keep the remaining sound samples going.

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The lesson here, which i am sure everyone is already fully aware, Never take an MOT for granted!!


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This website doesn't seem to be working very well at the moment. Ive used the service to check a couple of old cars in the past and its always come up with the relevant information but it now says 'vehicle information could not be found'. This is even for a vehicle i have sat in my garage, motd but currently on a sorn.

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The best is the online driving licence check. Did with mine & it coming back with groups with have lone gone, groups that I should have but don't also groups for towing trailers but no groups for the main group. :dang:

Then they asked for feedback with using the site. Boy did I let rip with both barrels :lol:
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