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I need some major help with this install as i cant make head nor tail of it at the moment.

Mondeo 2003-2004 wiring shows NO link from EATC module to the touchscreen unit itself, so im scratching my head..

FOCUS C MAX wiring shows a link from the EATC module to the touchscreen using pins 18 & 19 which are listed as MIDDLE CAN+ and MIDDLE CAN -

WTF is middle can?

Just to add more confusion, on the normal EATC setup in the Mondeo Pins 18 & 19 on connector C539b (the white one) goto the DLC connector..

Therefore, do i just reroute the 2 exisiting wires to the touchscreen as there is no other way of getting the controls on the front of the Sat Nav to work the EATC module.

Also, if indeed the DLC connects to the EATC as normal, would i need the GEM from a touchscreen equipped car as i am rerouting through the touchscreen?

And i tell you what, there are a lot of ABBS to EXPLN the DIFF stuff if you KWIM, PDQ, RSVP and all that...

Jeeze my head hurts now...
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