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Ebay drop-links

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Hi guys,

Anyone bought drop-links from these guys on ebay:

£30 for all 4 corners and free postage- sounds good and good feedback score, but I trust you lot on here!


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eBay blocked in work but I recently bought a set of 4 for £30 free P&P so could well be the same guys.

Few people on here said they're OK, just trying to find someone to fit mine now
Theres a few folk on here who have bought cheap ones from ebay with no brand name as such only to find they have to change them again 3 months down the line, but the ones who have paid a little more, bought a branded name like Delphi have fitted them and never looked back, with drop links it looks like a case of you get what you pay for. I would price some Delphi ones up or good branded ones up at your local motor factors first. The ones in your link don't say who they are made by.
What year is your car, and does it have metal ones fitted or plastic ones. My Ford told me that if it had the plastic ones that the new ones had to be the plastic type also.

I saw a similar sort of deal but in the end got the plastic ones on their advice.
My car is a 2004 2.0 TDCi Zetec S - with the metal drop links - just been under the car to check.

Will look at branded ones and see what the prices look like.
Did mine last year, used Ford parts, £12 apiece.
I got Unipart links from Ford dealer....they didn't even stock Fords own links lol. Same price around £12.
Just rang my local Frauds - £17 each on the back - i can live with that! The front ones £46 each - how the hell does that work!

Found some delphi's on ebay - so prob go that route.
You can fit either plastic or metal on the front. They will both fit fine.

Mine had plastic ones originally but it has metal ones now.
If the delphi ones are cheap enough pk1209 then get them as they make original parts for most cars these days ;) ford included
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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