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EGR In Awkward Place

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i have just recently replaced the seals on the inlet manifold as they were leaking pretty badly and i gave the manifold a good clean out and the inlet ports too now i was going to do the egr valve but its in a very awkward location its on the rear right hand side right below the large intake pipe from the air box looks a pig to get to so i was going to opt for the easy option of a spray that is introduced into the air intake if i remove the large intake pipe from the air box and spray into there would it be advisable to disconnect the MAF before doing so
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Noooo, That gunk has to go somewhere, If it actually does dislodge the muck it might get sucked into the engine.
indeed i was going to do this until i read some bad stories on the interweb,just buy some universal joints from ebay and a few assorted extension bars, the air pipe only needs unclipping
cheers fellas looks like i will be getting some cuts and nicks on me pinkies then i did get a half decent look at it i cannot see any electrical connectors going to it but there is some sort of cable thing that goes into it, if it had been at the front it would have been done now a week on and i still got black hands from the manifold jobby
There's no electrical connection to it, the 'cable' you see is a vacuum pipe that 'sucks' the valve open when the solenoid opens, it should just be a push fit onto the EGR.
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