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EGR to rear of engine....where do we blank?

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I have noticed this question has gone unanswered on a few threads. For all of us who have an EGR at the rear of the engine where should we blank it? To the underneath?

Another common problem is the split EGR to intercooler pipe, but if we have the egr to the rear of the engine block whereabouts does the slpit occur?

The front mounted egr's seem so much easier!!
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agree totally, can you let me know if u get a answer that works... ive blanked mine on both sides but im sure thats not helped me at all!
i blanked mine yesterday. i blanked it on the pipe to the intercooler. if anything it'll stop all the crap going into the inlet manifold whic i spent 3 hours cleaning at the same time. but the difference was noticeable instantly. it was faster, smoother, and leg laggy.
so thats the pipe coming off the side facing the air intake pipe, sort of...?
Hi all.

I would say you need to blank only the side coming from the exhaust. The other inlet cord from the turbo. If you block this the car is going to run worse.

On my front mounted EGR the inlet pipe from the exhaust is metal about an inch on diameter. Should be similar on yours.
right, so me blocking both sides of egr is not a good thing? lol.. ok, might explain why it made no difference haha, ill remove the other then
Having not yet removed the airbox i'm assuming that the exhaust connection comes into the underside of the egr.

Lee can you let me know how you get on?
yup, the exhaust pipe goes to bottom (99%), ill be doing it first thing and let you know
Well, removed the blanking plate from inlet side and it made no difference... ? so i guess it doesnt matter where theyre blanked.. got my car going to DTM Fuels in bristol at 8.30am tomorrow, will let everyone know what happens and how good they are...
look on the wiki guide at egr blanking for us with it at the rear its a 5 min job
Cheers Lee, shame it didn't make any difference. Maybe you have a split intercooler pipe causing your poor performance.

By the way i've tried disconnecting the egr vaccum with varying degrees of success. I believe my egr is stuck open therefore requires blanking.
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