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EGR Valve and IACV

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Can anyone tell me where these are located and what to use when cleaning them. Also, what tools are needed to remove them and do I need to disconnect the battery?

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The IACV is at the front just below the throttle body,it is bolted to the inlet manifold with 2 bolts (torx type),it has a 2 wire electrical connector on it.
The egr is at the side under the coilpack is more difficult to get at.
just use ebay to find the pics of what they look like, my idle air has two 8mm bolts(pre facelift)
you can use carb cleaner but i let my idle air soak in redex,as tescos are selling it of at 92p a bottle as ex i stocked up on it for cleaning. idle air is easy but take it off slowly and help the rubber gasket out as you go,egr you will need a universal joint or two and a top up of coolant.
Cheers. Think I'l gove the IACV a gpo first as it is alot easier. EGR probably in a few weeks as I'll need to get some tools
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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