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Eibach pro-kit springs review

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Hi all, i'm pretty new to the Mondeo community as I just got a 2.3L mk4 saloon.

I've been thinking of getting the eibach lowered pro-kit springs but I'm unsure if the spring rates actually fit the stock absorbers well.

Has anyone of you used eibach after market springs for our mk4 mondeo and found it better than stock?

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I'm not sure about the Mondeo but I had them fitted on my Focus ST and they are very hard in comparison to stock. If you don't like a bumpy ride then these are not for you! I personally thought they were great and a Ford approved part too.

Thanks for the feedback.

But anyone knows if the Eibach springs are of different spring rate to stock? Sounds like it has a higher spring rate since it's harder as described.

And if it's higher spring rate, won't it damage the stock absorbers after a while?
Shouldn't because the harder the spring the less the shocks will have to work....but that is just my Layman thinking...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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