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Electric window failure

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I recently had problems with central locking not working on my drivers door. This has been rectified with the fitting of a new door lock motor unit.

Now we have noticed that the front electric window on the passenger side does not work either from the drivers door button or the passenger door button. The two rear windows and drivers window work from the buttons on the drivers door.

Could this window problem in any way result from the work done to repair the central locking on the drivers door or are we just unlucky that we have another electrical problem.

If it is a new problem can anyone suggest what it could be, and if it is expensive to put right?

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I had a problem where the passenger side would only go down from the driver's side. This was due to a broken wire in the door opening 'A' pillar loom / plug&socket. Checking the wiring with a meter and Haynes manual is the obvious answer. It is also possible that the motor electronics have failed.
Does the global open/close work? - that would prove if the motor electronics is OK.
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