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Electrical fault with both 12v chargers on 09 Mondeo Titanium 1.8 Diesel

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[color:purple]Hi , I bought a second hand 09 reg Ford Mondeo Titanium 1.8 Diesel from the dealer, and was informed that the car was in 100% working order, i have now found out that it has numerous faults which the dealer is refusing to acknowledge or take any reponsability for even though the car is covered under warrenty, this is being disputed with Ford and the company that the higher purchase was taken out with.

Amongst the several annoying faults, i dont have any working 12v charges in my car, they dont work when the ignition is switched on and i have located the fuse box next to the engine, though the fuse box is totally different to the one in the manual. So i can't locate the exact fuse that deals with the 12v chargers - as it doesnt appear to exist in my fuse box compared to the pictures on the manual.

Is there another hidden fuse box in my car, is so - how do i access it?

Any help or advise would be very much appreciated.


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Primary fuse box is in the passenger footwell, behind the glove compartment.

You need to remove a small fabric cover (which may or may not be there) and then you should see the fuse box. IIRC it can be pulled down for access.
I too just picked up my 2009 Titanium X a week ago on saturday and both cigarette lighter and rear aux power socket didn`t work. Front socket fuse is located in passenger footwell and the rear power socket fuse is located in the rear boot compartment fuse box. One thing i did find though is that you will need to turn the handbook upside down to get the correct layout of the fuses! Once its upside down had no problems locating the correct fuses!! Hope this helps!
[color:purple]The other two things wrong with the car, is the rear window heating element - 3 of the heating element bars are broken - so when the window is heating up from frozen - it leaves three lines of ice remaining across the back window. I have been informed that this has been caused by damage rather than manufacturing fault - and have been informed that it isnt covered in the warrenty. I havent caused the damage, the car has been missold to me in that condition as being in 100% working order.

Also the computer display in the dashboard - which provides the options of CD changer, radio,phone etc - crashes part way during a journey and just shows two options on the screen, these being trip computer and settings. I have to turn the engine off for about 10 seconds (also removing the key) turn it back on to reset the screen. This has happened numerous times.[/color]
Hi, well if the damaged to the rear screen heating element was damaged before you took delivery of the car then the seller has a legal obligation to fix it. As for the converse+ issues, I believe this is fixed with a firmware update..
If you can't get the seller to replace the rear window you might try looking for some conductive (silver) paint from a car or electronics shop. If the break in the elemnt is small you can often bridge it with a blob of that stuff.
[color:purple]Hi, i have been advised of this option, but i shouldnt have to do this to what is practically a car that was brand new when i bought it.

The silver tape that bridges the gap with the heating element may work but can look messy - and i would prefer that if the dealer decided to try and con me into purchasing a car that isnt in full working order then they should replace the back window with a new heating element. Any repairs to this problem shouldnt be at my expense.
Though thanks for the advice.[/color]
[color:purple]I have just managed to locate the other fuse box in the passenger footwell and replace the fuse for the cigarette lighter - so now both cigarette lighters work.
Thanks for your help with this. Though they dont make it easy to find this fuse box - its pretty well hidden[/color]
I completely agree, but sometimes you end up spending more time and effort arguing with the dealer than it's worth. Shouldn't be the case, but...
try send them a letter
Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)
On date of purchase, I bought a ford mondeo from you for £.
The problems are:
I had the car for 3 weeks and it developed a serious defect As i reported this fault with yourselfs, I was
informed that ford would fix this under warranty.. As they haven’t been able to fix it
The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) means that I am entitled to expect the car to be of a
satisfactory quality, having regard for the price paid.
I feel it is unreasonable for a car of this price to have a major fault so soon after purchase, and
consider you to be in breach of contract.
Further, as I bought the goods from you, MY CONTRACT IS WITH YOU, NOT WITH THE
Therefore, I am notifying you that I am rejecting the goods on the basis of your breach of contract
See less See more
"serious defect" ????
Which one is he serious one ?
All the defects mentioned above are minor defects and a second hand car has to be of merchantable quality, not perfect. I would think that the sale of goods act would not even come into play in this case and the OP would certainly lose the case in a small claims court.
Legally the OP would not have a case, but morally the dealer should sort it out.
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