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Electrical problem????

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i have a problem with the following all not working - both side lights, reversing lights and rear screen washer. have checked all fuses, connections, bulbs etc and am now at a total loss. Anyone got any ideas?


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When you switch the headlight on do they work, as the side lights not working might be the switch???
Reverse lights could be the switch, common problem on the Mondeo's.
when i turn the switch the tail lights come on but no side lights, in position 2 the headlights come on but still no side lights, everything was working ok a couple of weeks ago but all 3 things failed at the same time
do the sides work in the park position ??

does the front screen washer work ?? ) if it does then i would says its not a wiring problem there as its the same wires used, but the pump can fail to pump in one direction etc - again common failing )

reverse lights is most often the reverse switch or at least the crapped up connection to it etc on the gearbox.
sides dont work in either position, front wash is fine. Just seems odd that all were working one day and not the next!
odd yes but not really uncommon.

coupld possibly have been somat like you drove through a puddle & then the cold froze the water & widened a couple of connections ( sides & gearbox sensor etc ) & the motor may just be a used while frozen etc & burnt out.

who knows though i could well be 100% wrong & they are connected but i think all 3 are on different fuses/connectors etc so should not be effected by one thing to kill em all.

all wiring looks to be vastly different really so i would assume 3 seperate problems but just really unlucky to get em all together :(

have you checked the headlight connector for power getting to it for the sidelights ( make your own ground etc on a test bulb/multimeter if you have one ) as the grounds can break over time ( had one of mine do it last year & 2 of the 3 cars i saw at a scrappers while sourcing a suitable replacement wire to fix mine with had the same problem ready to happen too )

if there is power there then the problem is either the bulbs or wiring in the headlight, if no power then its down to a whole array of possible fuses & it would have to have sent a couple at least as they are fused per side & not together ( but should also kick off the rear tail lights too if this is the case as they are part of the wiring loop for the front sidelights )

the motor may just be a dodgy connection at the motor itself or at worst the motor itself has stopped working for the rear window ( as mentioned common problem :( ) so swap out for a cheapy from the local motorfactors & you chould be back up & running there.

same goes for the reverse switch, unplug, clean up the connections & refit, test, if no go , test the feed coming out of C31 pin 11 behind the glovebox ( use the WIKI guide for detailed reference as tho the connector but effectively its the top one at the side of the fusebox from memory ) & if a multimeter or test bulb rig works ( after making your own ground somewhere etc ) then teh switch is fine & again the problem is elsewhere ( possibly bulbs or connection at the tail lights ) but if no working there then replace the switch ( to make doubly sure you could always brighe the 2 connections of the plug for the switch & see if the reverse lights come on then before buying a new switch etc )
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You dont say what year the car is.

What is strange about this one is that the front LH and Rear LH side and tail are on one fuse, and the same with the RH side. The tail lights are working so fuses are ok. Acording to a Haynes 2003 manual, the Side lights have seperate Earth points at LH and RH front of engine compartment, so this rules out a common earth issue. Similarly the reversing lights has an Earth point LH rear wiring. The rear washer not working is as someone above has said, probably the washer pump not going in the reverse direction, or could be the wssher switch (stalk).

As there seems to be no common circuit to these faults, are you sure they all went of at once?

I'd treat each circuit individually and as compuwiz has suggested follow his guide. Rev switch, bulbs.
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