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EMERGENCY! car is dead???

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Hi all my mondeo is dead but dont no why??

for about 6 months now when starting my car it use to jump alot like it about to cut out but didn't but as soon as it was warm up it started fine the first time only when cold it jumped alot so Ive changed the glow pulgs on monday and still was going the same but on friday try to start the car when cold this time the car cut out but restarted after then was driving it about 45 mins then car started to low power so lower gear then was fine about 3 mins later going up hill the car was loseing power again and this time cut out. now the car wont even start at all called the RAC out they checked everything and said the car should be starting fine... they got the car home call out another diesel person they done all checks everything pass and working how it should and he alway said the car should be powering up but its not.... but he said the timing might be out? anyway when trying to start the car... its starting to start but wont.

will try and start it today and record the sound of it.

if anyone knows how to time the car and would like to make some money pt me or to come out to me and have a look???

really need the car as i work nights

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Get a vid on here, I will do what I can to help you out. Shame you're not local cause I would've been round to have a gander. Oh, and can you remember everything that the specialist checked?
Change fuel filter, check for splits in fuel lines and put in cleaners like millers and redex also the top of fuel primer diaphram might be burst, could be air ingress.
he checked

* fuel filter
* glow plugs
* the main wire connections
* all injector
* air filter / meter flow
* injector pump
* checked two belts
he mostly checked everything he can without it all part.

used some cleaning stuff and used something called easy start and still nothing, im about to go back out and have a look again and will upload a video
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heres the video

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If you can, try and run the car from a clean supply of diesel from a petrol can directly to the injector pump, bypassing everything from the tank up to the pump, and don't use the pipe from the filter to the pump, some clear hose would be ideal. Or, pump the primer whilst a mate cranks her over, see what happens out of interest. Let me know how the primer feels as you're doing this.
the primer goes hard when pushing in

also the car as over half a tank of diesel in it
Does it remain hard as the motor is being cranked?
I had an escort 1.8 turbo diesel, and i changed the glow plugs, after that the bugger was a bitch to start from cold, really struggled.
Took it to a garage, couldnt find a fault, finally after poking about, i found the fuse for the glow plugs had blown, changed that and problem solved, for cold starting.
its stays hard and all fuse are fine.
The primer should get squishy as the motor is cranked, this means that the pump is actually drawing the fuel through to the injectors and back out the return side of the pump. I take it as the diesel guy checked the injectors he checked that the stop solenoid was opening and letting fuel through? Unless you've had a sudden loss of compression, or the timing has suddenly gone mad, the only thing that should stop the engine from firing is lack of fuel. I didn't hear the advance solenoid clicking in your vid, is it still working? If not, there's a multi plug that powers that stop and advance solenoid, it's worth a gander I suppose, althought it's already been checked.
yes he checked all that and the clicking is there the only i can see it being down to now timing but how can that just go when driving???
just open the water tank and checked on that and it as little black bits in it?? not many tho
If the timing had changed you would've heard a change in engine noise, quite knocky infact. To be honest though matey it's very hard to diagnose your problem over the net, just keep going over everything and we will try and help you if you come across anything new. I really wish you were local though cause I'm sure we could've got you going. Can you get a tow from a mate, that sometimes works if all else fails.
how much would it cost you to get down here???

thanks for your help will need checking around really need the car for work as i work nights...

anyone local is welcome to pop round and take look?? please and thanks
Injectors are gubbed
Glow plugs
Try stronger battery
Tow start and keep trying to start it on the tow.
Diesel could be stale or even its petrol in tank.....
fill the tank with diesel and use half before it died?
Everything was checked and still no start then like above, get fresh fuel to the pump from other source then you'll know if its a engne problem, but before, get a tow and try to start it, you might still have air in system and it needs a good jolt to release, ive done this before to start motor after i bled it when changed fuel filter.
ok its all in bits at the min lol so will give that a try next
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