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Emissions, MOT Failure

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Hi Gents, ladies

I was wondering if anybody could give any input on my emissions failure

Where would you guys start? BTW I did put some quality V power shell fuel in and gave it a beasting before the mot and it still failed miserably.

Thanks for any help
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when i had a dodgy lamda a few years ago it gave results like yours. i fitted a new front lambda and that got it to pass.

have you got a diagnostic code reader? you can check if they are working then?

No I havent, Its going in for a dionostic tommorow, I really hope its as simple as lambda sensor as I have spent to much money and time on this car alredy.

Mine failed on emissions and it was IRMC; valves stuck open, lambdas, cam and crank sensors. Cost me about £300 to get it sorted but now its great and my mpg is back to 35 average on the trip just how it was many years ago.
Yeah it was the lambda sensors, I had both replaced at the cost of £234 + 47 for the diagnostic :annoyed:

4COUGH said:
Yeah it was the lambda sensors, I had both replaced at the cost of £234 + 47 for the diagnostic :annoyed:

Should of popped down I'd of done the diagnostics free. Or sell them from under £20 :L
4COUGH said:
Now you tell me lol
Enough posts on here about them, Try pushing them at every opportunity.

Don't list everything on here as to much too list.

Have a look here, can discount for members:
Well I will be keeping my eye on you from now on :eek13:
Got a similar problem on my st24, but when the garage it was moted at put it on the fault code reader nothing came up. I just put it down to my modifications st200 lim,uim & tb along with the decat so getting the car remaped
hiya mate, i've got a scanner too, if you get stuck again, give me a shout, im also in nuneaton!
Good to know that there is another ST24 treacle towner about, lol. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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