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Hi, I've got a Ford Galaxy 2011 mk 3with the 2.0l 163bhp tdci engine. Which I need some help with.

For the past 3 weeks on every trip I get an engine warning light a good 5 to 10 minutes or so after driving. This then puts the car into limp mode. To me it appears to fault after driving for a 5-10 minute period, usually when I am doing 50/60 mph on the dual carriageway.

I've checked the code and it's a P00BD:64-AF. Which when I look is a high reading from the MAF sensor.

I've since cleaned the sensor very carefully with the MAF cleaner and replaced, but still the error appears after each drive.

I've checked for vaccum leaks bit can't see any (any tips on any specific places to check are appriciated). I've took some measurements but am unsure if they provide any clue to that actual problem? Can anyone help? I'm unsure if it's a MAF, IAT, air charge sensor fault, or indeed something else?

Cold engine
Ambient air - 5 degrees Centigrade
Air charge temp - 6 degrees Centigrade
Intake air temp - 8 degrees Centigrade
MAF - 1.87 g/s

Warm engine after 15 mins of ideling (stationary)
Ambient air - 5 degrees Centigrade
Air charge temp - 17 degrees Centigrade
Intake air temp - 13 degrees Centigrade
MAF - 16 g/s

Warm engine driving at 40mph (warning light came on during this drive)
Ambient air - 2 degrees Centigrade
Air charge temp - 14 degrees Centigrade
Intake air temp - 4 degrees Centigrade
MAF - 89.83 g/s

Thank you for any advise you can give.

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89.83 is rather high, try comparing the throttle position reading to the MAF reading

do they increase linearly or does the MAF spike?
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