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Just phoned my local "Fraud" dealer inquiring about a rear no.plate lamp-holder for my 10 year old mondy.
I couldn't believe it he when he told me how much.......£12.58 + vat (£14.78)!!!!! When I asked him if that was for the pair, guess what, "Oh no sir! that's just for one!!!!!!!" So if I wanted the 2 that would cost me nearly £30. These are bits of plastic 87mm x 27mm with two screw holes and lamp terminals/holders.

What a total rip off.

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I wonder if the Ford chap you spoke to knows the one who quoted me £25 for the tiny plastic insert that goes into the front ashtray in the centre console? :}
That's nothing, when we had a Kia Sedona it needed 4 new intercooler rubber mountings, the size of a 2 pence piece with a hole in the middle, they were £12 each...ouch
Thats cheap, I had one years ago and it was £17ish.
be thankful you arnt walking into german car dealership parts departments lol
they're free from your local scrappies :whistling:
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