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Engine bay photo required please!

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Having not been able to cure the following problem for a long time, i think my only hope is for one generous soul to do me the favour of taking some photo's/make a diagram of their set-up so i can resolve the issue!

My MK2 ST24 V6 engine vacuum tubing has been inadvertantly disturbed; i'm fairly sure some tubes have been connected incorrectly and ever since i have lost the ability to switch the heater blower from windscreen. I have read the Wiki on this issue, but was unable to determine from it the correct routing of these vac lines in the engine well as wanting to get the blower sorted, I'm also bothered that other vac lines to do with the engine may be affected..

I'm talking specifically about some thin vac lines round the back of the V6 UIM, below the EGR line. I found these unconnected and hanging next to each other months ago, and tried linking them up as they looked like they had come undone. One has a 90-degree angled connector; there is also another thin line in that area that has what looks like a two-exit junction box on the end - in my case, one of the two exits on the junction box has got a makeshift plastic screw stuffed in it presumably to blank it off!! This can't be right?? The other exit has another thin vac line running from it.

I've got some photo's of this on my phone i will try to upload. I just need to confirm exactly what these thin lines do round the back of the engine, what they should connect to/from and where/what to look for in terms of the heater blower vac lines!

I really hope someone can help..!!


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It sounds like 2+ of those may be from the EGR "control box" (forget its proper name). The previous owner may have removed the EGR system completely.

What that would do for normal running I don't fully know but will find out soon enough on my car :}

..all vac lines are 100% vac EXCEPT the egr which has a switched vac line.On the back of the UIM should have 2 pure vac that connects to a grey plastic line to firewall, this is heater vac contol, other is a black rubber line that goes off to the OBVR purge sol mounted on the firewall..
thanks for that lads. i'm not great on tech terminology though and so ask again if anyone would take the trouble to get some photos or a diagram of what tubes should be connected where, round the back of the V6 engine..please!!


maybe have alook on ebay as some people sell them sometimes. might be able to work out from the pic? :)

I'm about to go and work on my car, I'll try to get some photos of the vac lines and where they go. They're mostly obvious but if the EGR system's been removed a few of them won't have a home. If that's the case they probably want blocking off so as to not allow a vacuum leak.

That would be much appreciated! any chance you could photograph the heater tubes too please? some big obvious red arrows on the images would help..!!

in the meantime will have a look on ebay yeah..


..on Contours over here we have a sticker/ decal under the bonnet that shows vac line routes etc...

I didn't see the bit about heaters and my mind was on other things so not done very well but taken a couple of pics I hope will help in some small way.

The first pic shows what connects to the vacuum input of the secondary inlet valve opening system (inlet manifold runner control), at least on my mk1. This pipe is by itself and I think is red.

The second pic is of two pipes that come as a pair - these connect to the EGR system (shown in 3rd pic).

Not shown is a black pipe that comes from the same area but goes off along the back of the engine bay towards the driver's side. I guess this one is for heater control.

There are two more vacuum pipes, which comes as a joined pair, and these connect to a small black box on the upper inlet manifold. I think this is called positive crankcase ventilation or PCV but I really don't know, I'm out of my depth there.

Hope this explains them a little bit.



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Cheers simon. I recognise the tube in the first pic straight away - this is the right-angled connector i was on yours unconnected too or have you disconnected it from something? I originally found mine hanging loose like that, with a separate line hanging unconnected nearby that fits into the L-connector..! I hooked these up and hoped for the best, on't know if that was the right thing to do though

Not sure about the pair of tubes in pic 2, not delved that deep yet i guess! (not yet attempted removal of UIM..). I've also not yet seen tht part of the EGR system, only the disc-shaped part with the line running out of it, behind the UIM.

Thanks for your photos simon, i will see what i can do on saturday. Otherwise I think my best chance to resolve this is having a look under another V6 bonnet!!

Hey Simon great pics i mean really good repro. I coulld lift a finge print off those prints lol. but i recon you could do with a visit ot my manicurist re the thumnail loll anyway great photo shots mabey you can tell us what kind of mobile or digi camra y used and its great when a megger takes the time to be so helpful congrats on that Simon .
lol. I took them with a cheap, old digital camera, a 2MP Fujifilm jobbie.

That part of the EGR system is bolted to the rear head so you'll not easily see it without removing a few things.

The wire you say is hanging loose must be connected or things definitely won't work properly :}

Tip for engine parts in the pitch black of an engine bay: hold a 12V ciggy lighter strip light close-up to the part and part-press your camera's trigger to allow it to focus (remember to use macro-mode if it's closer than about 50cm), remove strip light (optional) and press all the way. Without the light being nearby some cameras can't focus in the dark (some can, using a quick blast of the flash).

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