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Engine cover

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if engine covers from pre-facelift TDCIs fit facelifted ones? I presume the engine is the same....

I only ask as my car didn't come with one and I'm looking on ebay, and there's a pre-facelift one going for a good price!

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make a note of where your oil filler cap is and compare it to the one your buying, i dont know what engine it was but i have seen one with the oil filler cap off to the left of the engine, mine is in the center of the engine...

thats the only obvious thing i know of, im new to the mondeo TDCI so dont know of any other differances - sorry :)
Cool, thanks for your advice.

It certainly looks like it should fit!
Pretty sure there are only two engine covers, one to fit the earlier TDDi's which have mechanical injectors and one for the later TDCi's which are all electronic injection.
Just for future reference - bought the prefacelift one and it fitted fine, even though the grid with all the dates stamped onto the back of it said it wouldn't fit!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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