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engine managment light?

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the engine managment light has just come on the dash on 2001 mk3 2.0 petrol ghia,

so checked engine and seen water reserve bottle was leaking so replaced it but its still the light is still on.

checked all fluid levels, everything is ok, the car is driving fine and not over heateing, car has 166miles.

what could this be?
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same happened on mine. I disconnected the battery for 30 m ins then reconnected.
If the light re-appeared I was goign to get it on the diagnostic, but it didn't come back on.
I decided to put it on there anyway, and it showed nothing, so just a glitch.
I did clean out all of the sensors etc to be safe
ok i tried the taking the battry out for half an hour and it worked for about an hour but then it came back on, what is knock sensor??
If possible have the code readied, more likely it's the EGR valve problem.

This is a clean or replace the unit.
yeah il have it done this wednesday.

i'll reply and let yous know what happend

thanks guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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