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Engine Running - Electrical Shutdown!

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On Monday just gone I was (of all places) leaving the Ford Dealer after arranging for the car to be booked in. I drove half a mile away from them when all of a sudden all my in car electricals dropped out.

Every gauge on the dashboard dropped to the 0 position / off position. all lights, screen, radio etc all turned off too.

After approx 1 min, with the engine still running the radio flashed up "No Audio" and slowly the gauges on the dash started to come back to life. After approx 3 mins from the initial shutdown of the electrics all came back up.

Drove the car straight back to the dealers and left the engine running so any diagnostic code would still be active... yet again... when they run the diagnostics on the car there was no error's listed

Anyone else had this issue? or is it just me and my Mondeo having a 'lovers tiff'?!
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