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Engine stalls after rebuild

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Hi everyone.

After changing a blown head gasket I succesfully startet the engine today and I was very happy :)

Unfortunately now the engine won´t idle. I can keep the engine running with the gas pedal, but as soon I let go of the pedal, the engine stalls.

Does anyone know what can be wrong ?

best regards

Lasse Nielsen, Denmark
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I would be checking if the TPS and ISC valve are plugged in..then I would check vac lines / connections for any leaks..
what is the ISC valve ?

I suspect the TPS sensor is the throttle posision sensor, and that one is plugged in.

How do I check for airleaks ?


Listen around the engine bay with a length of vacuum pipe held to your ear.

Also, check the throttle cable is well attached and adjusted properly and none of those sensor wires have frayed themselves to death.
Make sure the manifold vacuum connections aren't leaking - get the engine running as slowly as you can, hold it steady, and restrict any airflow around these with your fingers. You'll feel the engine run more smoothly when you identify the airleak... if no change, chances are they're okay.

Make sure the IACV is connected, and working.

Did you re-use the gaskets between head, LIM and UIM? You may be able to spray a little wd40 in the area to (very) temporarily seal the leak, but access is pretty poor...

Daft question time - your timing is good? You've not left anything disconnected anywhere? The battery is fully charged? No tools left in the airbox? Checked the spark plug gaps before refitting?

As rich said spray wd40 around any connection particulary inlet manifold and listen for any change in revs.
Revs go up or level off theres ya problem :)
Thanks everybody

I have checked all the connections and they are all plugged in. How do I now if the ISCV works or not ?

I also found an airleak from the vacumpipe going from the manifold to the brake assistant.



Thanks for all the help. today I pulled of the intake manifold and clean the gasket surfaces and cleaned the idle control valve. I don´t know which part were the failure, but now it idles smoothly :driving:
Congratulations! :)
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