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Engine Temp sensor

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I'm just about to replace my "coolant temperature sensor" as the engine temp is not working correctly,

has anyone got pictures of the location of the part/ part itself?

its for a 53 plate mondeo ghia 130 tdci

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hiya, just to give an update - i changed the thermostat (because I was changing to coolant anyway and plus coolant sensor) - any, to cut a long story short - thermostat easy enough to change, tried to bleed the system and could not find the bleed screw for rad - wtf? - also found the sensor position - right behind the water pump crank wheel - how the hell can i replace that?

is there special tool or do i have to dismantle half the car to get the sensor replaced?
Just another update, I've managed to get the temp sensor changed - bit of a tricky job!, also changed the power steering/water pump belt as this had seen better days, My engine temp now shows alot better than before - but the fan (radiator) sometimes starts when I start the engine from cold,

I've changed the temp sensor, thermostat and engine is running better - but why does the fan start from cold - is this something to do with air con or another fault? - ECU maybe? faulty (sticky) relay?

has anypne noticed their mondy fan starting from cold?
Hi no i havent had the prob of the fan cooling fan starting up on cold when starting .so what im wondering is this started happening since you changed out the sensor in the head behind the aux drive pully .or did it do this before ,because what it sounds like to me is that the sensor is giving the signal back to the ecu to run the fans because when you last drove the mostor it was hot and when you switch off the engin and its hot it gets even hotter for a few minutes and this is probably making the sensor call for the fan to come on and staying in that position even when the engine is cold at the next start not sure of the fix thought mabey you have reveresed the polarity of the connections on the sensor if you had to cut the wire to get it out or mabey even the new sensor is faulty and this could be checked by reinstallinig the old one for a simple check anyway ill think on that one and ask around some of my more teckie heads .luck with it anyway,s
The original sensor was faulty, I did notice the fan issue before but really did not take any notice, also my father in law point out the problem before the sensor was changed. Oddly enough, I pulled the fuse to stop the fan from starting up - this worked ok and proved the sensor was working ok (done a series of other tests too) However when I replace the fuse after, the fan did not come on at start up - even though the engine temp was mid way (normal) then the next day it then started up from cold again???

my next thoughts would be to turn to the relays?? sticking? or maybe ECU?

Just curious - to see if anyone else has had the same problem?
Anyone got any pics of the temperature sensor location?
turn ac off , youll prob find fan wont come on from cold.

the best way to get sensor out is a 15mm ring spanner with a slot cut in it, to get it over wire.
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