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Engine temp

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Hi guys

Here is the problem.
Before two weeks I've noticed that the engine temp was raising too slow. I went to the ford's local dealer exlainig the broblem, they said ''ok we will change the thermostat''.
They changed the thermostat but after that I noticed that when the engine temp comes to normal level the radiator fan allways works in hi-speed and never stops even when I drive with 120 km/h with ambient temp 15 degrees.
[color:red]Notice that the instument cluster temp indicator is allways in normal level.[/color]
Whent I went back to the dealer they plug it with the computer. Conclusion:No idea what is it.
Engine temp they said is ok but they cannot uderstand what is the problem. Now they are going to change the thermostat again just in case of the new problematic thermostat.

Any ideas?
Where are located the sensors who send signal to the radiator fan?
Do you think that the new thermostat may be damaged?

Many thanks :L

Mk3 Mondeo 1.8lx petrol (2004 facelift)
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Haynes indicates that there's only one temp sensor on the nearside (UK) of the cylinder head, it sends a signal to the ECU. I guess that the ECU then sends a signal to the gauge.

You can check the coolant temp with the dashboard diagnostic thing (see paul young's thread)
ktsortanidis said:
They changed the thermostat again and it works the same.
The temp sensor which is located on the thermostat gives signal to the ECU for high speed as it was in the first case .
Water pump works ok.
They are afraid mulfunction of the radiator so they said that they are going to change it now. :(
I" pick the car this afternoon if I am lucky. We"ll see...
I've not seen the thermostat cover on my Mk3, I'm building up to it ;) Are you sure there is a sensor fitted to the thermostat cover? There should be a connection for the electrical operation of the thermostat when instructed by the ECU (heavy load). Perhaps you could take a photo of the old thermostat cover and post it here?

A coolant fan will operate when the aircon is switched on, irrespective of coolant temp.
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