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engine warning light

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been having an iffy time of late, engine starts feom cold great, but from warm, its at least 1 cylinder down, turn off ignition, try again, usually, it fires up, bit lumpy, but it runs on 4, today, the engine warning light came on, engine lost power, it was back to normal in 2 ticks, any ideas????? only had the thing 6 weeks, cars done 83K,
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Is the glowplug light flashing? does sound like a fuel related issue.
Codes? All service items up to date, particularly fuel filter? Clattering at low rpm?
Ta much for replying guys,
no glowplug lights, i too thought it may be a glowplug going down, but it starts well from cold, but crap from warm,

its just been serviced--but what he did i dont know, i suspect just oil& filter,

clattery at low revs--certainly seems noisier, whats that all about then??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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