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Hi guys, many of you are interested if there's any review about our D5119, actually there's some short ones, but here comes the 1st full detailed review about this D5119 in every aspect in another of our sponsored forum.
A guy who bought our D5119 has taken some installation videos & function demo, and wrote specific review about it here: http://www.fordxr5tu...php?topic=15382

Please notice that you'll need to register for a free account to view this thread. Since it's only visible to the members. If you don't want to register the account, I can quote his original post here without any change for your easier reference:

"Ok so it's been a while coming but I have finally got the pics etc on the Eonon D5119 that they shipped over last week.

I apologise for taking so long to write this up but it was a bit of a learning experience to do this install so I've done a little write up and a couple of vids for some of the finer points.

First off , I'm no install expert so take all this with a grain of salt. If you give this a go, you could probably put one of these into your mondeo in 20 mins but it would be rough and you would be going flat out. Mods if this is in the wrong section or needs tidying up, please do so with my thanks.

Some things I did to hopefully avoid grief.
- All my metal surfaced tools eg flat screwdriver blades, prise plates etc were covered in a thin layer of insulation tape to minimise scratching the piano black surrounds on the mondy.
- I read and re read the install manual so I could get my head around a few things.
- A torx bit set is mandatory. Spend a little cash at your favourite auto store on one. I have a multifit screwdriver handle with about 20 odd different bits on a ¼ hex drive, it has saved me countless headaches when working on the car.
- Always disconnect the battery and have the key in the car when reconnecting. Enough said.

I did this over the better part of a morning, but you should be able to do it quicker.

Have fun and as I said - all care and no responsibility, if you botch it - don't blame me…


I did the peripherals first , running the headrests in and setting up the lines back to the glovebox for the video amp. Here's a rough video on that. I ran the leads in from the back of the centre console up the Passenger's side of it and behind the glove box."

Also ran the rear camera lead inside the hatch and across to the floor in the rear seat passenger's side sill, up behind the kick panel and across the rear of the glove box. Power was gained by using the reverse light leads in the hatch on the outermost wires of the plug, black to the black wire and red to the wire closest the indicator setup.

When it came time to remove the trim and access the head unit - I started with the glovebox , disconnecting and removing it. Then the gearbox gaiter was next. I worked in stages, removing in this order

Gearbox lever gaiter
Lower trim incl cupholder surrounds (disconnect heated seats switch)
Ashtray surround trim
Starter switch trim and opposing side trim plate
Head unit.

Installation after hookup is basically a reversal of the above. I tucked most of the canbus hardware in behind the heater controls.

All in all I'm very happy with the unit given the price and will put more of the likes and dislikes in my written review, which is coming soon.

Hope this helps - the review's coming next.


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Part 2:

"Ok so here's my take on the Eonon D5119 and L0218m headrests.
Firstly, Eonon were excellent to deal with during the purchase process. Paypal and easy as.
In 4 days after placing my order a large box arrived. The head unit and ancillaries were extremely well packaged to withstand courierland. Always a good start.
As I was working 12 hour days, I snatched the odd hour here and there to install the thing. It was relatively straightforward and the only real things I forgot during initial startup was to map out the Navigation software (sygic).
After I got it all fired up I've been using it now for a week and I'm pretty impressed for the price.

I wont reiterate Josh's comments , so for a longer spiel see his thread.

On the plus side I really liked.

- Ease of installation
- Quality feel of fascia and switches/buttons
- Color coding of the backlights
- Audio quality
- Video playback through the headrest system
- Rear camera view and quality. Just brilliant. Also works with the parking sensors no problem
- Convenience of multiple sources of audio/video

What could be improved.

- Radio aerial needs an adapter, which I believe has now been addressed.

- Interactivity with steering wheel controls , in particular
- Scrolling through basically anything
- Programmability of wheel controls
- Ipod playlists
- Interface is less fluid than I like, especially phone contacts and syncing with the head unit any call history or phone book. Entries are also all over the place, not alphabetic. Be prepared to scroll on your phone before dialling.
- Interface also does not look like stock mondeo color scheme.
- Unable to view playlists on ipod , or any windows media.
- Not playing back any mp4 movie files.
- When playing back off sd card - the directory looks like an old dos version.
- No voice control
- Unable to get text to speech working.
- Screen could be darker (?AMOLED) and using gorilla glass to reduce the faded look.

However most of this is not dealbreaking once you are underway and the unit is in operation.. remember this thing is less than a third of a Zenec price.

And when you look at it that way, it's very good value indeed. If they look at upgrading the UI and some features via a firmware flash , it will be dynamite.



PS , also found this little pearl for you LS/LT groovers

Now let me clarify some issues mentioned by Loz:

About the MP4 in the USB/SD, the Eonon unit itself can support MP4 format. But there are different codes under MP4 standard, some of them need special license to make it to be read. Like the current digital TV signals which need to be charged, if you download it from internet directly, you may not read it.

The D5119 is with the latest 2012 Sygic map, which means you can totally use the TTS function. You need to enter sound setting, and turn on the TTS, then you can listen to the TTS. Thanks!
Hope this review helps you know our unit better, and help you with the future installation! Cheers!

Any update about this review, and any more reviews from other customers, I will share with you too in the future. Just stay tuned, thanks!
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