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hi again today when driving the esp kicked in in 3rd gear going downhill accelerating it does it all the time now unless you switch it off, also the abs kicks in a bit early the brake pedal goes hard when braking. from what i know these are the same system any ideas what the problem is..i changed rear discs and pads recently but this shouldn`t be the problem as obviously the esp only works when it thinks the front wheels are spinning its a st24 by the way cheers tony :driving:
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hi buddy, i think what you mean is the traction control light is comming on and kicking in, i dont know if the st24 has ESP, i think the mk3 mondeos got this feature,

anyways what tyres do you have on your car? If you have bigger profile size on the rear to the front, it can fool the tc to think the wheels are spinning and cut the power off,

other thing is it might be your front wheels are getting a bit low now on thread, all just ideas to check, good luck with it let us know what it was and i hope you sort it out :)
the st24 has traction control and yes i have 205/55/16 on the rear and 205/50/16 on the front they where changed over last week as i was told you should put the bigger profiles on the rear and thats when the problem started thanx for you input :BEEP:
yeah that will be the reason, the fronts are a smaller profile, so the sensors will think the fronts are spinning faster (which they will) so the traction control will light up easier,

yeah the st24 has T/C, but having it light up and kick in easily is a pain in the rear end :tonofbricks:

as you've just bought your tyres, im guessin you're going to have to live with it for the life of the tyres now...
Just so you get another opinion, I agree with what Fred says.
The different overall diameter of the wheels cause them to rotate a different speeds, then the traction control thinks you're wheel spinning and cuts in.
i`ll just swop the front and rears again cheers
That won't necessarily help because you still have different size tyres on the fronts compared to the rears. The rears will then go round faster than the fronts, and the system will still think something is up.
Best way to to get all your tyres the same size.
why do people have different size tyres on the front and rear?
No idea.

Are 205/55/16 cheaper?
i was desperate for 1 tyre and was offered 2 nearly new 205/55/15`s for £15 each so i jumped at them when they where on the front i had no problems it was only when i put them on the rear the probs began so today i`ve put them back on the front while i save up for 2 new matching ones preferably 205/50/16 as the 55 look too big..
205/55/16 is cheaper as they are more common size
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