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estate lowering..?

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hi..i have a 53 ghia x estate and would like to lower it a little and possibly stiffen up the ride a little (like my mk1 est shes a bit of a whale in the bends!)..
have read several posts regarding this using the eibach lowering springs and just wanted a little clarification on a couple o things.. :)
unfortunatley, i have the self leveling suspension and so what would i need to do to fit the lowering springs..?

i know i need to swap with the non levelling suspension but what actual parts does this involve (just the shocks?)

also, what sort of price do you think this would be in a garage (non-dealer!) to swap rear shocks and fit springs all round..?

is it a diy job or is it special tool time..?!

many thanks, rgds stu :)
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Hi stu, i have an estate and lowered it using spax rsx coil over kit from demon tweeks (£550 ish). You can get a cheaper spax kit which would be a fixed ride height. I was told that with it being an estate with self levellers the springs had to be stiffer so you maybe able to just change your springs,i changed the lot as my shocker was leaking and i got quoted £250 for one!
Tomo :banana:
did that include coil overs for the raer as well though?
New rear shocks and springs all round to get rid of the self levelling kit.

I've done the rears on mine and i'll tell you unless you have a single sided spring compressor (with full cup) you will struggle to compress them as the lower arms are so wide at the spring. I ended up having to remove the lower arms themselves. Maybe i went the wrong way about it though.
many thanks for all replies guys... :) just something i'm considering at the mo but wouldn't be able to afford putting it in a garage to get work done so would be looking at doing it myself (with a mate or 2 and a haynes manual..!).i'm certainly no mechanic but have always tried to do as much work as possible myself on cars and bikes in the past...
is it worth doing do you think..?
rgds stu
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