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Ex-BTCC RS500?

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A guy i know locally owns Tim Harvey's old road going RS500 and i've spoken to Harvey and mentioned the guys name and the first thing he said was "Has he still got my old RS500? I shouldn't of sold that car!!" Its running green injectors (IIRC) and if it runs the full set it DOES put out 500bhp............ and not to add insult to injury, the same guy now owns the very car that Ford produced as the Template for the RS500, its fully rose jointed and a work of art underneath, he found it in some blokes garage covered by a blanket, (Borehamwood i think it was in). Then to complete the set he also has his own RS500 GRP1 spec race car, he has promised me a blatt round Snetty when he's next there testing (If you're reading this AW it was at the local Motorsport show you promised!! lol) as he's a decent bloke and does stick to his word!! All this owned by a scrap man, its true that "where there's muck there's brass" !!! LMAO
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Have a look at the Australian Touring Car series. Two famous names drove RS500s, the late great Peter Brock and Dick Johnson

Peter Brock's RS500
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Peter Brock (26/2/1945 - 8/8/2006)
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D. Johnson's RS500
Vehicle Tire Car Wheel Window

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There was a bloke in southampton that used 2 own 2 ex RS500 touring cars, he showed them at our RSOC show @ Beaulieu quite a few years ago. He might still have 1 of them, but I do remember seeing them for sale.

I got some pics at home so I will dig them out and post em up later.

its craig davis who drives it now he's in my club he's a top bloke he owns sub zero/wolf he races in
the classic touring car club we are at mallory park 18/19th this month its the ctcrc festival
everything for petrol heads an kids too

here's what i race with in that series

it has rover 4.7 v8 space framed

make sure everyone can make it to mallory 18/19th june
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quite a few of these rs500s are still alive but most sit n private collections and hardly ever see the light of day, but still a few doing the rounds in different race series's across the country awsome to watch in full attack with the right driver behind the wheel
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WANT (like my life depends on it) +1
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