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F*****g Oil filter!!!!!!

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Hey everyone,
Trying to change my oil in the 2.0 petrol Mondeo. Sump plug = easy. filter = impossible! I just can't get the housing off. I've bought 2 tools today to try and sort it both with no luck. I don't really wanna go back out there and buy something else that won't work so was wondering what have people used that will DEFINATELY get this B*****d off?


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What year? If it's an early one then you need one of these. It's an "Oil Filter Cup Wrench" which is 76mm with 14 flutes. It will say it is suitable on all eco filters on Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen, but will fit the early MK3 Mondeos no problem. :L
i bought this a little while back for my mk2

not sure how much space you have but there isnt a great deal in the mk2

i know how you feel mate it was really pissing me off trying to change the filter on mine
Thank you so much Baldrick. Just went and bought one and it solved it! Oil change now all done. With that tool it only took 2 mins to get off. Will be handy for the future!
No problem Meekstaaa, glad to help out, it's what this place is all about. Some times I ask for help on here and get the replys I need, so it's nice to give some useful help back. Glad you got it sorted fella. :L
If you have the early paper type oil filter, you can convert it to take the later type oil filters. It's a common mod to do to the engine, as the I4 used in the MK3 is the same as used in the Mazda 6
I use my farther in laws socket strap to get mine off. Its a pain mate but it can be done with one of these.

Good luck.
I love these places so much, they give so much help, simply excellent! Col_tubbs is there any benefit to changing oil filter to the later one? Richfife i bought one of those first but it just wouldn't work i'm sure it'll come in handy one day though
lol. i got fed up on my mk2 spin on oil type filter so hammered a screwdriver through it and bobs your uncle.job done.
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