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Facelift 6000CD AUX Input (Through CD Changer)

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Hi all,

Currently i'm using the AUX input in the glovebox to play MP3's by.

Its *ok* but not very convenient as i'm having to change tracks by the MP3 player, rather than the audio controls.

When i had my MK2, i read that you can get a Connects2 adapter for the CD changer, it tricks the HU into thinking it is playing by the CD changer, and you have full control of the volume and tracks.

The cable required for the facelift head units (53/54 onwards) is a Connects2 CTVFOX002, found here.

What i would like to know is if anyone is currently using this set-up? The pages found on this particular lead don't give details on whether you can change the tracks or not, however on similar leads (searched google) if you label folders on the MP3 player in a certain way (CD01, CD02 etc etc) you can then have control of changing tracks.

Ultimately the aim is to be able to turn the MP3 player on and leave in the glovebox, amr rest etc and forget about it!

Any help appreciated :)


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I've never heard of an adaptor allowing control of a generic MP3 player from the stalk controls via the CDDJ protocol. If the only connection between your MP3 player and the head unit is the jack-to-jack aux-in cable, there are no control connections available. You'd need some sort of cobbled CDDJ-USB connector, but a) I have no idea how that would possibly work and b) it would rely on your MP3 player allowing control via USB.

I'd imagine you could do such control with remote-stalk-compatible aftermarket head units with USB mass storage functionality, or if you don't mind the extra screen, you could get a Harmon Kardon Drive and Play like mine. Look for the more expensive Drive+Play 2 if your player is not an iPod, but then you may as well get a USB MS compatible head unit instead.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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