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Facelift double din help

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Has anyone fitted a double din in there mk3 facelift?
Autoleads have 2 adapter kits, one is just a face plate and the other is a faceplate with a metal cage,
I'm looking at getting a new alpine double din and not sure if I need the adapter with or without the cage.... :eek13:
is it for radios that don't come with a cage or is it extra security or somthing?
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if they do a proper double din adapter plate then go for that one

the other one is for single din units and you can't really butcher the facis and still have it looking good, or fitting

as i've found to my cost :(

and make sure it's for a mondeo and not for a galaxy or a focus or a fiesta as they don't fit
can't post a link on my iPhone

the top 2 in the link
one has a cage, the other don't.... :s
you are paying for the double din cage as well as the adaprter plate, so the choice is yours

be aware though that some double din units you buy from ebay don't include the cage to go with it, so this costs extra :(
So it's just for the flood of dodgy cheap Chinese DVD units that don't come with one?

Seems strange they don't state what it's for in the discription

thanks! :)
ok, the other thing to remember is that some double din cages won't fit some double din units

or facia's

again, been there, done that :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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