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Fault code reading - bluefin Vs Formidable ?

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I need to read the codes of my pre OBDII tdci115 and want to buy somehtin to do the job my self. I'm loooking at the tight arsed options 1&2 first :)

Option 1 is formidable which is downloadable and use that with a cheap obd to usb cable. Not sure if this is possible or if the mobydic or Fsuper OBD adaptors need to be used.

Option 2 is to buy a used bluefin handset off ebay and use that, the bit i am uncertain of is wheather it needs resetting before it will work as a code reader.(might not get one cheap enough anyway either some peaple seem to think they are worth something)

Option 3 stop being tight and just buy the f-super kit off ebay :)

Can anyone shed any light on the first 2?
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I'm using Formidable V2.03 with a £50 usb lead off Ebay and it does everything I want at the moment. It looks like it will code injectors too but I'm not going to try as its running fine at the moment! This setup will also give a reasonable range of live data too.
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