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fault finding

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OK , just wired in my amp and sub, have done this loads of times on loads of cars and always worked first time.
This is my first problem, my amp is showing no power on the light but the protection light hasnt come on either.
Double checked the fuses and the power supply and they are fine and connected properly.
What can i look at next?
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maybe its the amp, has it an internal fuse?
it has a fuse on the side and its fine.
Think it could be my earth point,Whats the common earth point used in the mk3?
I had same problem with mine and it turned out to be my earth. There is an earth behind the rear lights IIRC, but I used the bolt which holds the seats to the car. Obviously gave it a good clean up so it was bare metal and worked fine since!
yeah thats what i used! didnt clean the metal , the thought did cross my mind whilst i was doing it to!!

Best to take my time more in the future.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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