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faulty powerfolds draining battery?

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one of my powerfolds fails to fold out and, after a few days the battery isdead because the relay keeps trying to fold it out

you can hear it clicking away but nothign happens

if i pul lthe mirror out the motor keep son going because it doesn't think it's out far enough, but if i leve it there it just keeps trickly out anyway

short of removing the powerfold relay or getting the powerfold fixed, is there any other way to disable it?

can't be doing with jumping the car every few days :tonofbricks:
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you could unplug the mirror from behind the doorcard but in all honesty the relay is probably the easiest.

maybe also pulling the fuse in the engine bay that supplies the relay feed for the mirrors etc but after that i am out of ideas sadly :(
relay it is then :(

damn cars get more and more problomatic, i might have to get used to driving the 10 plate merc about now :(
I think it may be the actual mirror at fault. We have had several power fold mirrors no my girlfriends car fail and they just whirr away when the mirror is fully deployed. I took one apart and a gear was smashed up inside.

If you unplug the mirror you also disconnect the mirror adjust and heated mirror.

I would expect a duff relay to cause both mirrors to fail but as it is only one I expect it os the mirror itself. An easy test would be to swap the mirror to opposite sides of the car and see if the fault is position based or mirror based.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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