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Searched various forums for some answers on this but not been lucky enough to find an answer.

About 3 months ago a quiet knocking started to occur when driving, not massively noticeable and would be easily drowned out by low volume radio. It was coming from drivers side and sounded as though it was in sync with the rotation of the tyre.

After about 6 weeks of this the noise got considerably louder to the point where you could hear it alongside the radio. Again this seemed to be a rythmic and in sync with the rotation of the wheel. The noise only started at around 15-20mph and above.

Took it to my mechanic who took it out for a drive and said he could hear the noise too. He got it up on the ramp and had a look round, said there was nothing obvious or glaring that would be causing it. He also said that he could hear it inside the car on the ramp, but when he got a colleague to get in and spin the wheels he couldn't hear it from outside. Essentially they were stumped and said they didn't want to replace parts when they didn't know what was necessary to solve the issue.

So the knocking noise still exists and I'm no closer to finding a solution. I'll try and answer some of the obvious questions below:

2013 plate, owned for 2 years, 68k miles

Noise can be heard when going in straight line on a flat road.

Noise is a knock or clunk rather than a click or squeak.

You can't feel it through the steering wheel

Recently when turning left the noise does seem to become more consistent of a rub/grinding noise rather than a rythmic clunk

Any help is massively appreciated

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My mondeo, first knock was front drop link could not make it rattle when shake testing

hit a pothole and it really knocked

Recent knock after shaking and poking components and finding nothing,

the front spring snapped in two places.

First fracture was rusty, second was still clean metal,looks like first fracture the spring

can still sit on the strut under tension and give a knock.

Also had a Focus rattle/knock turned out strut top nut was loose.
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